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Sardine Crazy

Permanent massive School of Sardines in Moalboal, Philippines

Seeing and diving with a massive school of sardines is a very unique experience that usually only lasts short. Predators are quick to feast on the small fish served in abundance so the spectacle is soon over.
Not in Moalboal where since more than 5 years a school of Sardines found its permanent safe place. Why they are not eaten is unclear, same as why they changed their position from the divesite Pescador to Panagsama.






Facts are that the Sardines can be found in shallow water of around 5 to 15m already, so they are perfect not just for SCUBA divers, but especially for snorkellers or freedivers.
When you dive slowly the school allows you even to enter into the cloud and it becomes dark around the lucky spectators. The sardines are also in a small but constant movement which gives divers the visual impression to see one giant mass is in front of them rather than seeing the single sardines. This is the point where it can get kind of hypnotic, like staring into the clouds and seeing shapes appear and disappear.
Dont miss this extraordinary spectacle!

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