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1 day AIDA 1 Beginner Intro starting March 9, 13,16,23,30
2 day AIDA 2 Beginner Course starting March 10, 14,17,24,31
3 day AIDA 3 Advanced course Moalboal - upon request
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Freediving Courses Overview


AIDA Courses with international certification


AIDA 1 Course - 1 Day

In case your time is limited or you are still undecided you can choose this introduction to freediving. The depth is limited to 10m during this introduction. No minimum depth and time requirement to receive your AIDA 1* certification. If you like it you can always add on the 2 extra days to also have the complete AIDA 2 course. Minimum of 2 person.


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Beginner Course

AIDA 2 Course - 2 Days

The 2 day AIDA 2 is the basic beginner course that gives you all the information to immerse in the sport of freediving. To receive the AIDA certification at the end of the course you have to successfully complete a 2 minute breathold, swim 40 m underwater with fins and dive to 16m depth in the ocean. It sounds a lot, but you will be surprised how the right techniques and the training in the course will bring you. Maximum depth during the course is 20m.

Why do we offer the course in just 2 days and others in 3?
We make full use of the new AIDA 2 home study and knowledge review system. This saves time in the classroom and leaves more time for diving. Also we have top facilities in our partner resort Club Serena Resort. This includes 2 perfect swimming pools to not depend on sea conditions for that part.

To enroll in an AIDA 2 Course you must be able to swim at least 200m non-stops 
without fins and at least 300m non-stops with mask, fins and snorkel.
The AIDA 2 Course is designed for beginners with no previous experience in freediving. It is not required having completed the AIDA 1 Course. You will be certified AIDA 1 or AIDA 2 Pool in case some requirements are not completely fulfilled.


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Advanced Course

AIDA 3 Course - 3 Days

Interested in going deeper and improving your technique? This 3 day course goes into the theory of Freediving in more depth which will allow you to understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. The course will help you improve your Freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills. This course consists of three theory sessions, two pool sessions and four open water dives.


To successfully complete the AIDA 3 freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minute 45 second breathold, swim 55 m underwater with fins and dive to 24 meters in the open water. Maximum depth during the course is 30m.


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You can find more information about all AIDA on the website - AIDA International

                  A typical course with us


Course with Freediving Philippines

from left to right:

  • Start of the course at 8:30am in Club Serena Resort (unless otherwise stated all courses start there)
  • Breathing excercises on beautiful and quiet White Beach
  • Breath hold training in one of the 2 swimming pools in the resort

Course with Freediving Philippines

  • Deep dive training on the line - try to go down deeper step by step
  • Fun at the end of the deep dive training - learn how to make bubble rings - or fun freedive on one of the best spots of Moalboal
  • We bring you comfortably by boat (included in the course price) or by van/tricycle to the best divespots of Moalboal.
    For our students we go the extra mile to the divespots that have no waves and no current which makes the diving and learning easier and more fun.

Course with Freediving Philippines

  • Chill out at the end of the course
  • Dinner and socialising after the course
  • Many guests jon after the course one of the spectacular Outdoor Adventures from CYAN Adventures.