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2 day AIDA 2 Beginner Course Moalboal - Jan. 28, Feb. 4,11,18, 25
3 day AIDA 3 Advanced course Moalboal - Upon request
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Freediving- Philippines Newsletter Nummer 3 - 2009



Hello Freediver!

High season here in Moalboal is starting in 2 weeks and i want to inform you about some news.

Monthly Freedivers Meeting in Moalboal

From now on every first weekend of the month there will be a Freedivers meeting in Club Serena Resort, White Beach, Moalboal, Cebu.
Starting October 3+4, 2009
Funfreediving, renting a boat together, joining a Deep Dive Training, Party, … .
Feel free to join!

Weekly Freedivers Training in Cebu City

Also Cebu City has some motivated Freedivers who train Static and Dynamic nearly every Friday at 6pm, Cebu City, Banilad, Holiday Gym.
Cost of the entry to the gym and pool PHP 250. Maybe we get a discount in the future for pool use only.

Freediving Philippines Webpage update

I made some changes on the website, and more changes will follow soon.
- Course Shedule – the shedule of courses and other activities is now a Google Calendar - you can simply add the calendar to your own Google Calendar by pushing the button on the bottom of the page.

- A complete Webforum will be launched at the end of this year.
- Chinese and Japanese translation of the webpage.

Photography in Moalboal - Tom

Do you want (digital) pictures to give your business website that extra touch? You want to offer your divers an underwater photoservice?
Do you want a neat flyer or digital advertisement? Moalboal Photography offers various digital services for businesses and tourists.
Visit Moalboal Photography
for details and examples. Follow Tom's travels through SE Asia at

DIVE TRAVEL - Camiguin October 2009

Date: October 16 to November 1
Destination: Tropical Island of Camiguin, Philippines
Activities: 8-10 days spearfishing with simple Outrigger Boats, Volcano climbing, Hot Springs, Cold Springs, Waterfalls

More Info to find here.

DIVE TRAVEL - Palau February 2010

February 2010 will see the first ever Freediving Trip to Palau and the Philippines.
To get an idea what it will be like watch the Palau Video in the Gallery.

The price of the packaged trip will be on my webpage by the end of the month September.

COURSES - Next Freediving Courses

2 Day - Open Water Freediver Course
October: September 30+October 1, October 10+11
November: 3+4, 7+8, 17+18, 24+25
December:1+2, 5+6, 15+16, 22+23, 29+30

3 Day - Advanced Freediver Course
October: 2-4 and 13-15
November: 20-22
December: 11-13

For more Coursedates visit the Course Shedule.

No Course without reservation and booking.

Outdoor Adventures – Big action in the Canyon

The biggest group of outdoor adventurers so far in the Kawasan Canyon had lots of fun!
Pictures you can find on my Webpage in the GALLERY under "pics of guests and friends - 2009"

PERSONAL – Moalboal coming/going and Chikka Chikka (Small Talk)

-   Moalboal has 2 new long time residents: Freediver Tom from Belgium and his girlfriend Shayne.
-   Herbert Nitsch made a new World Record. This time in the discipline of Skandalopera. ??? ->.
-   Andy Moreno had a lot of fun surfing in Siargao and he is heading to Bali soon. Keep us updated with pics and stories Andy!
-   My webpage got hacked recently so if you encounter any problems with it please inform me. THX!
-   We have a new talented female addition to the Philippine freediving community – Japanese Freediver Nao living in Cebu. Keep on diving and spread the virus!
-   With Luis and Lynn Moro we have 2 more “infected” Freedivers and they are even Cebuanos.
-   Papa Stan is building a boat right now. Probably finished in 2-3 weeks. Hurray!
-   Latest news: Ken is planning to come back to the Philippines in October already.

Bye from the beach,


Freediving- Philippines Newsletter Nummer 5 - March 2010


Hello Freediver!

We are in the mid of high season and Moalboal is finally the center of all Freediving activities in the Philippines.

Monthly Freedivers Meeting in Moalboal - Going with the Russians

The monthly Freedivers meeting took place at the same time when a group of 20 Russian freedivers was stationed for 2 weeks in Club Serena Resort.
Saturday our "local" freedivers joined them for some deep dive training and fun freediving.
The day afterwards Ken and Tom also had a special dive in the Savedra marine sanctuary with sharks and a school of jacks.

Freediving in Pescador Island with Sardines
Above: Pescador Island - Sardines - Tom - Tanya

The Meeting is held everz first weekend of the month.
Feel free to join the next meeting on April 4+5, 2010 or May 1+2, 2010!

... the boat diving will be on saturday and sunday some beach entry diving again.

Herbert Nitsch - Camiguin Rocks

World Record Freediver Herbert Nitsch was in the Philippines again and together with Ken Kiriyama and myself we explored King Kong Island - Camiguin. It is a very special place to discover - small but full of adventures: remote Waterfalls, deep Rainforest, interesting Wildlife, 5 Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Cold Springs and a big diversity of divesites are the factors that make this only 20km wide island special.

Herbert Nitsch on Banka
Above: Herbert making lunch break

More pictures and video on Herberts visit will come soon in our NEWS section.

DIVE TRAVEL - Camiguin - May 2010

I have travelled a lot in the Philippines in the last years. Lots of beautiful places, beaches, ... but Camiguin is different!

In May 2010 Freediving-Philippines offers Freediving Courses in Camiguin Island. Our local Partner on this beautiful island in the Philippines is Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort.

This time we don't do "packaging". Customize your own individual and cheap travel!

More info about the Camiguin Travel.

COURSES - Next Freediving Courses

2 Day - Open Water Freediver Course
March: 23+24, 27+28
April: 13+14, 20+21

3 Day - Advanced Freediver Course
March 24-26, 2010
April 2-4, 2010 - Holy Week
April 23-25, 2010

More Dates can be found in the online course schedule.

For all courses reservation, booking and downpayment required.

OUTDOOR - Kawasan

March 30 - Kawasan Canyoning


2010 will see the first Freediving World Championships in Asia - Japan - Okinawa
More info:

Weblinks - Freediving Links

Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale and Dolphins Off Sushi Plates -

PERSONAL – Moalboal coming/going and Chikka Chikka (Small Talk)

- Ken Kiriyama is back in the Philippines. He wont stay too long this time but he had already lots of fun diving in Camiguin and Moalboal and he also was able to give Yoga classes to students in Moalboal. His phone: 09392206206.
- Jussi and Andy are not anymore in Hong Kong - Jussi will travel a bit to Japan and the Philippines and later that year wants to move to Okinawa.
- Andy Moreno is now a Moalboal resident. He found his love and settled for good. All the best for your future!
- After being a mystery for most of us Andrew Zuke is now very active in Moalboal. Diving and hunting above and under water in and around Moalboal. :-) Congratulations on your first Spanish Mackerel!
- Paul from South Africa spent a nice month with us in Moalboal and also in Camiguin and he had a great time.

Bye from the beach,


Freediving- Philippines Newsletter Nummer 9 - November 2013

For complete NEWSLETTER with pictures click below
Hello Freedivers!
Last Minute CALL for Advanced Freediver course March 25-27 - Free Yoga
Free Yoga class (26th 8:30am-11) from Veer for all participants of the Advanced Freediver Course on March 25-27.
Book now to secure a spot.
Also non Freedivers or divers who don't join the course can join for a fee of Php 500.
Personal - Chicka Chicka
- Albert is now not full time working for us. He is the expert for Canyoning, but he is now also a very valuable helper during the Freediving courses to make the courses and diving for the students more convenient.
- Austrian Freediver Luca Corn was a great help on assisting me the last 1/2 year in the courses and was making the courses more fun.
- We also discovered and support a local talent - Reynante from Moalboal who is right now also getting training to maybe become a future assistant.
Freediving Competition Results 2012
All results and Philippine national records can be found on
PREVIEW - 2014 next competition
Sorry, no competition 2013. Other projects have priority.
Next competition will be April 8+9 2014. Like to get updates on the event planning.
Because it is so popular once again ... in our download section you find the cool Freediving Wallpapers for download.
Apnea Man Noseclips for sale - Best on the market
We have now bigger stock of Apnea Academy Noseclips. Php 2,000 only. Black, blue and red.
PayPal and international shipping. Orders by email.
DIVE TRAVEL - Diving the amazing lakes and wrecks of Coron -  2013
November 7 to 10, 2013 we offer a special Freedive travel to Coron, Palawan. Still an unknown spot for most freedivers but that will change soon.
More info videos and prices of the Coron Travel on our website in the travel menu (top menu).
DIVE TRAVEL 2014 - Dive the best reef in the Philipines - Tubataha
May 2014 we are planning to go to Tubataha - Please send us an email if you are interested to join this exclusive travel.
COURSES - Next Freediving Courses
March 2013
Open Water Freediver Course - 29+30 (Fully booked)
Advanced Freediver Course - March 25-27 (5 available)
April Activities
Open Water Freediver Course - April 6+7, 11+12, 23+24
More Dates can be found in the online course schedule.
All courses are held in Moalboal, Cebu unless stated otherwise. 50% Down payment required for all courses to ensure your place.
Going to China - Freediving in a 16m deep Aquarium
May 17 - 1 day intro to freediving
May 18 + 19 - 2 day Freediving Workshop with focus on Learning Frenzel- Fattah Mouthfill Equalization and FRC/Empty lung diving.
This course is for experienced divers that want to extend their depth below 30m, but also for beginners that have problems equalizing.
Job Vacancies - Get your dream job
You are looking for the dream job? Living in Paradise and Freediving as your profession?
- Fluent in English and one more language
- Passionate about freediving and able to communicate this to students
- Drivers licence and experience in driving a small van
- Computer literate
- Physically fit and seldom ear problems
- Freediving since more than 2 years
- Static of 4:30 and CWT of 40m or more
- Service oriented mind
- Willing to work also on weekends (but only 3 to 5 days a week work)
- Willing to undergo a 2 month internship with 50% pay
- A qualified Yoga teacher
- Chinese, Korean or Japanese speaking
LIKE us on Facebook
Bye from the beach,