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2 day AIDA 2 Beginner Course Moalboal - Jan. 28, Feb. 4,11,18, 25
3 day AIDA 3 Advanced course Moalboal - Upon request
But you can always email us for extra course dates!


FAQs - Frequently asked questions


Regarding your Freediving Course

What do i need to bring for the course?

Actually you only need to bring you swimming clothes.
You get all equipment and towel from us.

Should i prepare myself for the course?

No need. Just come well rested to the course and try to put your mind in vacation mode. :-)

What kind of certification do i get after the course?

If you do the Open Water Freediver Course you will receive a wall certificate that states your deepest and longest dive.
If you do an AIDA course (international certifying agency) you receive a certification card that allows you to continure your education with any other AIDA school/instructor.

Do you have a house reef?

Yes, just 25m in front of the resort/course place is a house reef that drops fast to 35m.

Do i need to book my freediving course or outdoor adventure in advance?

Yes! Course places are limited and to assure you a place booking is needed.

Do you rent special Freediving Equipment?

Yes, we rent and also sell long fins, small volume mask, rubber weight belts and super flexible wetsuits - Equipment rental.

Can everybody learn how to Freedive?

Yes, certainly. Anybody of age 16 and above can learn to Freedive with
us as long as you are able to swim. No previous knowledge is
necessary. You can be really fit or overweight, you can be a smoker or
asthmatic. There is only one requirement: you need to like the sea!!!

Isn’t Freediving the same as snorkelling?

Freediving focuses on how to stay down under water as long as
possible, and dive down as deep as possible. But you can also train
Breathholding just for the purpose of having enough time to make
photos and get nearer to fish as you will get with scuba gear.

Whats so special about Freediving?

During freediving you will feel and be connected with the sea like
never before. The fish will see you like one of them. You will be
surrounded by a new universe of peace and silence.

I cannot hold my breath for a long time!

By the use of breathing and relaxation techniques practiced during the
course, each participant performances increase easily because he
develops totally new skills. All students can hold their breath for at
least around 2 minutes after only 1 training. Most students reach more
than 3 or 4 minutes of Breathholding after 2 or 3 days of consecutive

How deep will I dive?

It is hard to tell numbers regarding the depth because it differs a
lot from person to person. Because of the special support, most
participants achieve greater progresses than they might have expected
before. A rough estimate: After the Open Water Freediver 12-20m.
Advanced students 25m and more!

Are there any Dangers?

As in any sport there are dangers, but because Freediving is a no
adrenaline or action sport there are fewer injuries and accidents than
in other sports. When done with safety rules - which are learned in
the 2 day Open Water Freediver Course - freediving is even more safe
than scuba diving!

What about flying after Freediving?

Flying after Freediving is not a problem at all.

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What is the best time to come to the Philippines for freediving?

Most tourists prefer to come to the Philippines from November to April. But actually you can travel to the Philippines YEAR ROUND! The months April and May are a little bit hotter. There is no real distinctive rainy season. From July to September there can be a bit more rain, but its still ok to travel. Cebu Island is protected by surrounding islands from major storms and typhoons, which also means that there are only small waves. Cebu City has a more rain than Moalboal, since the Weather is coming mostly from the east and Moalboal is facing west. The Water Temperature is always between 26 and 29 Degree Celsius.

Is there a typhoon season?

Because of many concerns regarding Typhoons: Yes, they are frequent in the Philippines, but 99% of them don`t affect us here in Cebu or Moalboal!

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Can i use my mobile phone in the Philippines?

Anywhere on Cebu Island you can use your own mobile phone, and there is coverage almost everywhere by leading providers in the Philippines. Ask your local mobile provider if your SIM card works in the philippine SMART or Globe network. Local SIM cards are less than 1 US$ which saves money and locals often won't reply to your international number.

Is there Wi-Fi?

WiFi is available for restaurant guests or in house guests only.

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Booking - Money - Payment - Cancellation Policy

Do i have to book a place and make downpayment or can't i just show up on a course date?

Courses places are limited and if you want to be sure that you can join you have to book a place.

How do i book a place?

Simply go to our webshop check availability and get instant confirmation on your booking.

Is there an ATM in Moalboal?

Moalboal finally has an ATM machine! Its a Metrobank ATM with a one time withdrawal limit of Php 10,000, but you can withdraw more often. If your ATM card has the Maestro sign it should work. Have a plan B since about once a month it is not working or empty.

The next ATM is in Barili, which is 1 hour by car/bus away.

What is the cancellation policy?

Full refund and no penalty for cancellations made 30 days or more before the activity date (except the PayPal transfer fee).
Also in case of weather related cancellations we give full refund.

For cancellation 15 days to 29 days we refund 50% of the full price (in case you made full payment ahead).
Less than 15 days - no refund.

This policy applies for courses, motorbike rental and adventures only. Dive travels and room bookings may have different cancellation policy stated.

Do you offer group discount?

Yes, more than 3 person can inquire about group discount. Please contact us to get more info.

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Flight / Transportation


How do i get to Moalboal?


Detailed information of how to get to Moalboal from Cebu City.

How far is Club Serena and Aquaholics from Panagsama Beach?

About 15 to 20 minutes.

How much is the airport tax in Cebu/Mactan?

The departure tax for domestic flights is Php 200.00 and for international flights out of Mactan it is Php 550.00

How long before my flight should I leave the resort?

If you are taking a domestic flight, then we recommend that you leave 4 hours before the flight time; if you are taking an international flight, then we recommend you leave 5 hours before your flight. Careful on public holidays or in rush hour when the travel can be +1 or +2 hours.

Can you help with on-line check-in for my return flight?

Yes we can help you with on line check in and print your boarding pass if your airline offers this facility.

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Is there anything special i should keep in mind health wise?

Cebu Island has no Malaria problems. Despite this fact we recommend traditional Mosquito bite prevention (lotion, fan, mosquito net) against Dengue fever. Most common medicines are available in Cebu City or Moalboal without prescription and they are usually cheap. Moalboal has 2 physicians, but for bigger health problems or emergencies we recommend Cebu Doctors in Cebu City. This hospital has high standards.

Is tap water safe to drink?

We recommend to only drink bottled water since there have been cases of people living in the provinces getting seriously ill from drinking contaminated tap water.

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If i come with kids is there somebody to take care of them during my freediving course?

The philippines is a very family oriented country. It will never be a problem to find a babysitter for your kids.
Club Serena Resort where the courses are held has a swimming pool. But it is only for the course students or for in house guests.

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