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2 day AIDA 2 Beginner Course Moalboal - Jan. 28, Feb. 4,11,18, 25
3 day AIDA 3 Advanced course Moalboal - Upon request
But you can always email us for extra course dates!

The Master Freediver Course consists of 3 parts:

  1. Go Deeper - Development of your own diving skills
  2. Learn Teaching/Coaching - Assist the instructor with other students during one two day beginner course
  3. Specialties – Freediving can be more than just deep diving

The times spent for each part can vary according to personal interests.

We have no depth limit! 80m accessible from shore, 150m by 5 minutes boat ride.

You can choose 2-3 from the following Specialties:

  • How to set up an Independent Deep Dive Training (+ build your own buoy)
  • Dynamic Apnoe Training (50m 8 lane Olympic size pool!)
  • More details on Freediving Safety, First Aid and Handling of LMC and Blackout
  • Spearfishing for Beginners
  • Variable weights dives
  • Equalizing - Frenzel Fattah Mouthfill, Voluntary Tubal Opening!, EquEx
  • Hyperventilation and O2 Experiments
  • Freediving Films (Bad Weather Program)
  • Less work - More glide
  • Sport Psychology for freediving
  • Special dive techniques to get nearer to fish
  • New Weighting Techniques - building neck weights
  • ...

Format / Duration

  • Advanced Freediver is held over 2-3 weeks (10 days), 6- 8-hrs/day, start at 9am


  • Having completed any Advanced Freediver Course, or any other proof of qualification
  • Static breathhold of at least 3:00 minutes
  • Constant ballast of at least 30m (100ft)
  • Average health and fitness
  • 16 years of age with guardian permission


PHP 35,000.-

For more info please contact Wolfgang mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.