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AIDA 2* Course / Open Water Freediver - April 15, 21 and April 27, 2014
AIDA 3* Course / Advanced Freediver - April 17, 2014
But you can always ask for extra course dates!

1 Day - AIDA 2* cross over

You have done an SSI Level 1, or another beginners freediving course?
For just US$ 125 you can make your AIDA 2* cross over with us.
16m Constant weight, 40m Dynamic, 2:00 Static breathhold, final exam and safety practice


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Immersed in a cloud of sardines

Cyan Outdoor Adventures


BESTSELLER and best adventure on Cebu

Hidden Waterfall

Easy Family Tour - Waterfall shower inclusive

Night Tour - Insect Spotting

Not only for photo enthusiasts ...

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Whale Sharks - Day Tour

Whalesharks in good visibility close to shore

Coron May, 2014

Hot lakes, wrecks and amazing island

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Become a real Mermaid


Freediving Equipment

Doing it right ... from the beginning
Get your own equipment


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Wooden Goggles

Dive a piece of history
Try Teak Wooden Goggles

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